Philosophy-related activities of Cafe members.

Doyle Information Philosopher

“Quantum mechanics and thermodynamics are at the core of all creation.”

Bob Doyle explores the pervasive role information plays in shaping our universe in his site Doyle explores how random processes governed by quantum dynamics constantly generate information which is then selected by evolution and more recently by the rise of conscious beings to shape creation. Information philosopher is a big site and relates the works of dozens of philosophers and scientists to the site’s core ideas and to many of the thorniest problems of philosophy.

Tom Clark:

“If you don’t believe in anything supernatural – gods, ghosts, immaterial
souls and spirits – then you subscribe to naturalism, the idea that nature is all there is.” is devoted to exploring a world view of a wholly natural universe. It’s a big, well-developed site with archives going back to 1998. Among them you will find Naturalism described from many points of view from the abstract to its implications for psychology and public policy in areas like services for addicts and criminal justice. Tom also operates a companion Center For Naturalism site devoted to the organization for promoting Naturalism ideas.

Leonard: Faith and Religion Blog
Jennifer Leonard blogs on faith and religion and the personal meaning they have for her. You can see her posts at

Canel: The Lighter side of Philosophy
Tom Canel, in addition to his talents and knowledge of philosophy, is also an illustrator and cartoonist. He produces illustrations on many subjects but has a particular knack for capturing the abstruse and often quirky concepts in philosophy, mathematics and logic. He is also the creator of our web banner. You can see his cartoons at